Wednesday, 18 July 2012

These are horrifying double standards

Almost as horrifying as the recent reports of government inspired  atrocities coming out of Syria are the Western  news reports which have commented in strikingly non-neutral terms on today's suicide bombing in the heart of Damascus which has killed prominent members of the Assad regime.
The White House is reported by the BBC as saying in response to the reports of the deaths that "it is clear that President Assad is losing control of Syria, and that the international community must work urgently toward a political transition.
The Syrian situation, so say those who know the country best, is a highly complex one and not susceptible to the 'good guys versus the bad guys' treatment with which we are almost invariably presented in the media. 
But for Western governments not to condemn acts of terrorism - even against those who may or may not be themselves guilty of war crimes - is an omission not only of unbelievable hypocrisy but remarkable stupidity and immorality when the same methods are being used by radical Islamists against our own troops in Afghanistan, against innocent Israeli civilians, and have been used to murderous effect in our own cities. Or are these acts of violence regarded as being quite in order when they are carried out by those we fondly believe are on the side of 'democracy?' 
We will never learn.

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