Saturday, 6 October 2012

Before the ending of - something else

Yet again, this is beyond parody

From Daniel Hannan MEP at The Daily Telegraph
"Giles Fraser is an odd sort of clergyman * When we appeared together on Any Questions recently, he declared: 'I hate that line in the Bible where it says the poor will always be with you'. It struck me as a curious thing to say. Hatred is rarely an attractive emotion; and 'that line in the Bible' was spoken by Jesus after a woman anointed him with perfume in Bethany. I know the C of E is more more doctrinally flexible than some denominations, but you don't often hear an ordained minister proclaiming his hatred for the words of the church's founder.Still, I'm no theologian, and I may be missing something..."
Read it all here

* Unfortunately not as odd as all that, these days...

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