Friday, 5 October 2012

They are not listening

Fr Sean Finnegan on his blog Valle Adurni makes some interesting points about the radical feminisation which has been taking place for some time within Anglicanism in Britain.
"....This is not an attack on women's orders or ministry in the Church of England. As I mentioned earlier, I have no dog in this race. But having fought so hard to be inclusive, they seen now to be so inclusive that they have almost no men at all! Is this really what they want? Is this healthy?..."
I'm glad he ( as a Roman Catholic priest) has drawn attention to the issue; those of us within the structures of Anglicanism have long ago discovered that these are questions which are regarded by the establishment as so impolite that even to raise them reduces the questioner to pariah status. Such is the brave new world of inclusion and tolerance in which we now live...

Dr Edward Norman, distinguished ecclesiastical historian, former Canon Chancellor of York Minster and Dean of Peterhouse, Cambridge and trenchant critic of secularist trends within Church and State is to join the Ordinariate [here]
Here is an interview he gave to the Daily Telegraph in 2004

It should be of great concern to the Church of England (and the wider Anglican tradition) that it is losing the allegiance of people like Edward Norman, but it will make no difference - they are simply not listening ....

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