Sunday, 28 March 2010

Palm branches and a crown of thorns

After the Palm Procession, the dramatic reading of the Passion Gospel and everyone had gone home, I knelt in church before the Blessed Sacrament for my thanksgiving after mass. The building seemed more than usually full of echoes of music and heartfelt prayers, lingering with the wisps of incense clinging to the roof beams of the nave.

As Holy Week begins we pray for ourselves who are all sinful members of his Church and who, in ways beyond understanding, by our words, our thoughts, and our actions crucify the Lord anew.

Perhaps this year, as we meditate on our divisions and on the uncertainties of our present and future, more than ever we should meditate on the Crown of Thorns and pray to him who by his cross and resurrection has won the victory over all those things which alienate us from God and one another, which twist us out of shape and embitter us and destroy us and lead to death.

The beautiful and moving crown of thorns made by our parish sunday school

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