Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Information not misinformation

There's been a great deal of unbalanced, prejudiced, misinformed and startlingly hostile reporting of the Catholic Church's response to the sex abuse scandal, and in particular the role of Pope Benedict himself.
The confused and opportunistic nature of the attacks on the Pope is highlighted by the unedifying sight of the atheist and homosexual lobbies getting into bed with one another, with such folk as Richard Dawkins, Philip Pullman and Peter Tatchell (and all the other usual suspects) vying with one another to produce the most vituperatively offensive anti-papal and, indeed, anti-religious propaganda. Over the last few weeks it's almost as if the secular "liberal" media (it's news editors anyway) have been taking lessons from Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. One can only hope that by overstepping the mark in such a spectacularly unsubtle not to say somewhat stupid way they have done damage in the eyes of more fair-minded people to the causes they are trying to promote. So at last it's good to see the balance being slowly redressed in favour of more accurate reporting on the subject. For a particularly good source of information go here:

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