Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Good Lord, deliver us!

Thank you, to Bishop Richard Harries, formerly of Oxford  (Lord Harries of Somewhere or Other now,) for reminding us that, no, we're not just being difficult, THIS http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/comment/columnists/guest_contributors/article7044596.ece
is why we despair of the current direction of the Church of England. Ah, the glories of contemporary Anglicanism!
Or as the MCJ puts it: "What Harries means, of course, is that of all Christian churches, only the Church of England and its offshoots are capable of coming up with new ways to eviscerate the Christian faith while simultaneously sucking up to a secular culture that despises it."
Ironically, speaking of being "stuck in the past," The Times could well have printed this kind of anti-Catholic claptrap 150 years ago - taking into account alterations in the zeitgeist, naturally.
Off to the Welsh SSC Synod in the morning!


  1. Any positive comments or attempts at leadership from SSC Wales regarding the Apostolic Constitution? No doubt there were lots of apologies for not supporting your Chair of St Peter Day of Prayer at St Arvans. It was probably too cold and snowy for many of the poor darlings to venture out from their warm cozy vicarages. Or could it be that all that talk and praying about unity was without substance - empty words, all for show? The way many in SSC Wales have rubbished the possibility of an Ordinariate reminds me of Our Lord's words, "You do not enter yourselves, and when others try to enter, you stop them." (Matthew 23:13).

  2. "Newman ... believed that a concept of development was fundamental to the life of the Church"

    It didn't, however, lead him to adopt a latitudinarian position. Au contraire


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