Tuesday, 16 March 2010

“Banishing Eve?”

Here we go again?
I have a great deal of residual affection for the BBC. Probably, like many of my generation, I look back with gratitude to the Radio 4 and Radio 3 programmes of my youth which helped introduce me to a wider world of culture and ideas than would otherwise have been possible. For that reason alone I don’t begrudge paying the licence fee.
But times have changed, and the BBC now seems totally, and in an increasingly unbalanced way, committed to the promotion of experimental social liberalism and to the mere reflection of the cultural status quo it has over recent years helped to engineer.
So I’m not sure what to make of this: I'm pretty sure what I am going to make of this:
Banishing Eve.
“Historian Bettany Hughes uses the latest scholarship to examine the 2nd century AD, as pagan Europe began to embrace Christianity and the role of women in worship changed forever”
Episode 1goes out on Sunday, 21st March13:30 on BBC Radio 4 FM
Largely due to the rather sensationalist Radio 4 trailers for the programme, I’m inclined to think this may, just possibly, be overstepping that rather blurred boundary between scholarship and propaganda.
Unless, of course, I'm being unfair and this broadcast isn’t simply going to be a rehash of all the old, tired, and largely exploded, feminist theories of the “suppression” of women in the early years of the Church, but actually does have something new and startling to say.
I'm afraid that’s as open minded as I get these days. As with the makers of these kind of programmes,we all usually discover only what we were hoping to find.
So, we’ll just have to listen and find out – with gritted teeth, hoping it won’t spoil our lunch. But then, of course, we’ll be able to look forward eagerly to hearing the follow-up series putting the other point of view.
Just kidding!

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