Monday, 26 April 2010


Posting here may be a little less frequent for a while until my health problems are resolved. More tests!
But it's not been a particularly good week to be out of action. In Britain we have a truly bizarre but fascinating election campaign going on and, of course, THAT Foreign Office memo.
It was always said about the F.O. that even if, traditionally, it largely recruited from among those with a rather privileged social and educational background, at least these people knew how to behave. How times change! I'm sure this recent display of adolescent boorishness masquerading as humour (which by comparison makes even 16th and 17th century anti-Catholic puritan polemic seem almost rapier-like in its wit) has nothing to do with the "democratisation" of  recruitment policies at the Foreigh and Commonwealth Office and everything to do with a worrying decline of sensibility across the board. We are all barbarians now.

There are audio recordings of presentations given at the Anglicanorum Coetibus Conference at Pusey House on The Anglo-Catholic  blog here:


  1. Your postings have been missed Father. I'm sure all your 'Followers' wish you well and will remember you in our prayers. Petros

  2. Was this not albeit orginally an office joke, another example of deeply embedded anti catholic feeling, especially following the Popes offer to come to the aid of Anglicans. It might be however, another way of embarissing the labour party of government prior to the election. Either way it shows again a total disrepect for the deeply held views of Christians, would a similar document on Islam have been released I wonder and what would have been the reaction.

  3. Not a joke apparently Greg:



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