Monday, 5 April 2010

Easter Monday news updates

Cantuar apologises - when he probably needed to:
Fr Cantalamessa apologises - when he probably didn't:
Many of the Church's present problems in getting any kind of consistent message across stems from a  repeated (some would say pig-headed) failure to understand the essentially predatory nature of the modern news media.

Archbishops speak about the scandal, but the BBC attacks the Pope for not speaking directly about child abuse.
One of the reasons why we can never expect balanced and accurate reporting of ecclesiastical affairs is the failure of the media (self-obsessed as always) to understand that the Church has other (and more lasting) concerns than the developing news cycle - that's what Cardinal Sodano meant. Unfortunately, profoundly secularised as we have all become, most "establishment" Anglicans don't understand it either.

Whose rights?
Shadow Home Secretary, Chris Grayling, walks into a storm over remarks on the rights of B&B owners.
Who could have predicted this seismic shift in western attitudes in a generation?

The new liberal barbarism of international law?
The specific story relates only to the anti-Catholic thuggishness of the secularist interest groups, but if this "development" in international law were to take off it will make only the eco-warriors happy. It would certainly help eliminate altogether the "carbon footprint" of every world leader and his or her entourage.

Regina Caeli laetare!
Just something to remind us that the Resurrection of the Lord triumphs over what a fellow blogger has described as 'the dark barbarism of the spirit of the age'

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