Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Too silly for words

So do the 'protestant atheists,' Dawkins, Hitchens et al, really want to arrest the Pope? Perhaps they do, perhaps it is just another stupid publicity stunt - but far more costly, in more ways than one, than the 'God probably doesn't exist' buses of last year. I really have no words left to express my contempt for these people's views. Having said that, as we believe in the power of prayer, we should all pray for their conversion - far stranger things have happened.
Some resolutely non-ecclesial comment here on why targeting Pope Benedict is not such a bright idea from Brendan O'Neill at Spiked Online
This site should be recommended reading for us all.

If you want to see something really silly, go here:
Why is it a rule that the wackier the theology, the wackier the vestments? Useful, though - it saves having to ask questions.
It's a shame we can't see it in 3D (the latest retro-fashion at the movies) - even if we can't, dark glasses would help - a lot.

 The Age of Aquarius?
I see the musical 'Hair' is  re-opening in London this evening.
Nostalgia becomes ever more recent. It strikes me that perhaps they should have tried to perform it with the original cast - it would be a visual parable (a not so moving tableau) about how the ideas expressed in stage productions like this have contributed to the disintegration of a civilisation.


  1. I misread the subtitle as 'The Age of Aquinas'. If only!

  2. Nostalgia is not what it used to be.

  3. Here's another amusing blog I have been following Father:



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