Monday, 5 April 2010

We do... at the moment

There has been a great deal of comment about what the Archbishop of Canterbury did or did not say - this time about the Ordinariates - on BBC Radio 4's Start the Week programme. Fr Giles Pinnock surely has it right in his interpretation here.
Whatever Dr Williams might really think of the Apostolic Constitution, or say about it in private (now that would be interesting to know) he certainly wouldn't be churlish enough to say that those who might want to take advantage of Anglicanorum Coetibus would do so without his blessing.
I think  + + Rowan is very well aware that many of us have long ceased to worry about whether we have the blessing of the Archbishop of Canterbury (or that of any other revisionist bishop) concerning the next stage in the ecumenical journey towards full and visible unity with the Successor of Peter.
Fr Pinnock also makes an fascinating comment about the seeming 'liberal cosiness' between Archbishop Rowan and the atheistic novelist Philip Pullman. I didn't find that surprising at all; they both begin with the same underlying assumptions about intellectual modernity; of course, that doesn't mean that they come to anything approaching the same conclusions based on those assumptions, but it's interesting nonetheless that they speak the same language, whereas I suspect someone like Pope Benedict would not - another reason why the latter's theological thought processes have considerable and enduring appeal to 'Anglican Catholics' whereas Rowan's, on the whole, do not. It's in many ways a tragedy, but the future will be one of increasing divergence

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