Saturday, 29 May 2010

David Laws: an honourable resignation

Whatever our view may be of the new coalition government, we can all recognise a personal tragedy when we see one. I hope no one will gloat over this - bad judgement perhaps (that's debatable), but for understandable and not unworthy motives. At the very least we can say that honour and dignity in political life is not a thing of the past and the Prime Minister's letter reflects this. The real question is why anyone should want to enter public life at all, given the ever closer scrutiny of a 24 hour news cycle and the cynically hypocritical and crazily prurient contradictions of modern British society.
Seen to be beyond reproach perhaps, but would Caesar's wife have made such a very effective politician?
I wholeheartedly agree with Ancient Briton here (a post written before the latest news broke)

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