Wednesday, 19 May 2010

'Dynamic' or deconstructed

Have you noticed that there is a certain kind of Christian believer, evangelical and full of commendable (and somewhat humbling) zeal for the Gospel, who loves to dress things up - adjectivally, that is , rather than sartorially.
I've just received an email advertising a period of "dynamic prayer" in a "fast moving style with up to date Worship songs."
Not quite "my scene," as (some of) the children of the '60s would say, but even less so is an equally bemusing flyer for a local deanery youth service, described as a "deconstruction of evening prayer." I don't think somehow it's a reference to Jacques Derrida - or maybe it is.
But that's the future of Anglicanism summed up perfectly, dynamism (of a kind) or deconstruction. Unless another route can be found......?

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  1. Dynamic or deconstructed? It matters not which to the "modern CinW" so long as they have undergone their "Strategic Vectorised Planning Initiative" see Are they "SVPI-positive plus" in their "cutting-edge worship experience"?


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