Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Not exactly what we mean by 'Anglican patrimony'

Go here if you want your hair to turn white (or in my case now, whiter.)
Watch it all - it has a deadly fascination. Those of us who have pretensions to orthodoxy and are still hanging around (rather aimlessly, some might say) in the Anglican Communion seem increasingly like rabbits caught in the headlights. After this, ecclesiastical satire is henceforth dead and buried - and concreted over.
StandFirm's heading says it all "Mother Earth, Pagan Rituals, Ancestor Worship, Dancing Girls—the Consecration of Mary Glasspool"
It's life, Jim, but not as we know it.
Coming soon to a church near you!


  1. If you needed propaganda you couldn't make it up any better than this.
    I wonder what the liberal elite make of it?

  2. Embarrassed because the cat is very definitely out of the bag. Not that anyone will take any notice.

  3. It looks like girls like to play dress up no matter what their age.


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