Friday, 12 November 2010

Holy Souls & Churchyards

Here are a few parish photos of  last week's blessing of our new churchyard extension - white vestments were worn as, for various reasons, the consecration took place after the Sunday mass for All Saints. A few more hardy souls from the congregation came out into the churchyard with us.

The parish churchyard is precisely that - the burial ground of the whole parish, regardless of religious tradition. It's maintenance falls to the worshipping community with, it has to be said, very little or no contribution from civic authorities. It is one of the ways the Church still serves the whole village - a piece of Anglican patrimony in practice, we could say.

... May the bodies buried here sleep in your peace,
to rise immortal at the coming of your Son.
May this place be a comfort to the living,
a sign of their hope for unending life.
May prayers be offered here continually
in supplication for those who sleep in Christ
and in constant praise of your mercy..........


  1. Did you sing 'Within the churchyard side by side'?

  2. In Germany they carry out the blessing of graves each All Saints' Day in the afternoon.



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