Thursday, 25 November 2010

Short on humour?

An organisation representing (or claiming to repesent) those suffering from dwarfism is extremely upset about  Prime Minister David Cameron repeating (a rather funny) story at Mr Speaker Bercow's expense. Here
Mr Cameron should have known better; someone was always going to take offence; we all have to be so careful in this very political and extremely humourless age.
In any case, I've always  naïvely assumed dwarves in fairy stories  folk tales to be mythical creatures rather than humans with a genetic condition or medical disorder.
Having said that, I'm sure there's an army of angry gnomes, goblins, trolls and ogres, not to mention unicorns, centaurs and dragons out there just waiting to complain should someone make a similar 'gaffe.'


  1. Guilty!
    I laughed. Not at the fact that Mr Speaker may be vertically challenged but at the 'happy' retort. Very funny. Forgive me Father if I have sinned.

  2. Sounds as if Dave had a few drinks taken...

    Perhaps more drinks taken and fewer judgements made would help in current politics, church debates and in the blogosphere/social ne(w)tworking phenomenon.

    A truly 'Roman' solution...


  3. I hear from a reliable source that whenever the Bercow takes the Speaker’s Chair a faint whisper of “Whistle while you work” goes up from the Tory backbenches. Cameron and his Chief Whip find this so funny that these antics have been allowed to continue.


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