Wednesday, 10 November 2010


On my study calendar for November is a picture of a rowing boat with this quotation underneath:

"What makes a river so restful to people is that it doesn't have any doubt - it is sure to get where it is going, and it doesn't want to go anywhere else."

We could say the same about the Saints.

Anyway, it's an excuse for an autumnal picture of two of our local rivers - in the middle distance below the woods, the Wye at low tide and on the horizon, the Severn, leading to the sea  The photo was taken from a local parish beauty spot, the Eagle's Nest.


  1. Love your Eagle's Nest photo Father. Two rivers flowing into one. Hmmm!

  2. They are! But, as you see from the photograph, the Wye takes a fairly winding route through very steep cliffs until almost the very moment it reaches the larger river.

  3. Why, oh Wye can't I?
    - Yet perhaps I can! Others too, D.V.

  4. I'm not sure about you, but I was just talking about the view in the photograph <:)

  5. The river flows
    It flows to the sea
    Wherever that river goes
    That's where I want to be
    Flow river flow
    Let your waters wash down
    Take me from this road
    To some other town
    (Roger McGuinn and The Byrds, 1969)

    Simon Cotton


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