Sunday, 7 November 2010

There's 'friendly' and there's friendly...

I heard a bishop of the Church in Wales this morning (during a discussion on the Anglican Covenant on the Radio 4 Sunday progamme) contrast the 'friendly' Welsh Province with the poor, sadly divided Church of England.
I felt particularly befriended during mass this morning at the point where we used to pray for the Provincial Assistant Bishop.
"Friendly' in the military sense of being hit by 'friendly fire,' perhaps.

Tu vero homo unanimis: dux meus, et notus meus:
Qui simul mecum dulces capiebas cibos: in domo Dei ambulavimus cum consensu.


  1. Yes Father, I also heard that piece on the radio. At first I thought it was another of those repeat programmes put on because of the NUJ strikes that have hit the BBC. In years gone by the Church in Wales was ‘friendly’ and pastoral. However all that changed when His Darkness took over the Bench and poisoned the province with his odium theologium.

  2. I've just heard the faint cry of "Caritas! Caritas!" from the far end of our expensive new house. Happy days. Mrs Proudie

  3. After all this time I’ve just got it – I thought the new house was called ‘Carrot House’, but it appears that Dr Proudie was talking about ‘Caritas!’ Shame he and his mates haven’t shown us any caritas. Hypocrites!

  4. Padre, I like your ‘friendly fire’ idea. We can take the military analogy a bit further. Those bishop chappies who run this show called Church in Wales are like First World War generals: talk rot, do bugger all, sit way behind the front line, make a total dog’s dinner of everything and leave you chaps to deal with the daily do-do.


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