Sunday, 19 June 2011

"Some great shards of the precious vase which is English Catholicism..."

An excerpt only from Taverner's Gloria tibi Trinitas sung by The Taverner Choir, directed by Andrew Parrott.

There are also two interesting new links on the often unfairly derided subject of Anglican Patrimony:
The first is by Professor Tracey Rowland [here] at the Ordinariate Portal and the passage is reproduced in full at the English Catholic blog [here]
The second is the homily given by Mgr Andrew Burnham at the historic (an over-used term, but accurate in this instance) Solemn Evensong & Benediction at Blackfriars last Wednesday [here] There are some good photos at the NLM blog [here]

"...We bring along to the Catholic Church some great shards of the precious vase which is English Catholicism.  One such shard, undoubtedly, is the public celebration of Evensong, which, whatever the bloggers may say, is the mediæval name for Vespers, albeit combined by Cranmer with the office of Compline, giving us the twin climaxes of two Gospel canticles, Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis.  .It is possible to claim too much for the Anglican inheritance but the public reading, day by day, of the Bible in the tongue of the people is now recognised, almost universally, to be what 1066 and all that would call ‘a good thing’.  In that sense the kingdom of priests is equipped for its work.  Another shard is the musical tradition which, rather like a worm cut in two – I hope I am getting my zoology right – results in two independent worms.  Anglicanism lost, at least for a few centuries, the glory of Taverner, Tye, and much of Tallis.  But the newly growing organism, enriching the English soil immeasurably, gave us Gibbons and Purcell, Wesley and Stanford..."
[from Mgr Andrew Burnham's sermon  - see above]
And, on the "Canterbury" bank of the Tiber, a river which, of course, now runs through the Anglican tradition, a report [here] of the consecration of the new bishops of Ebbsfleet and Richborough.

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