Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Dodging the storms

It's been a weather- dominated few days - an excellent and well-attended parish fete topped and tailed with heavy showers, but not wet enough to dampen the spirits of all those who came. Yesterday saw a coffee morning in a lovely setting with appropriately glorious weather. Today we are back to (much needed) steady rain.
The conversation yesterday was dominated by what seems to be the BBC's latest foray into assisted suicide propaganda; interestingly the general reaction was one of shock and dismay, particularly from those with direct experience of nursing loved ones through terminal illness. Francis Phillips hits the nail on the head in this piece from the Catholic Herald [Here]

Having been somewhat critical of the Archbishop of Canterbury a few days ago, let's give praise where praise is due: the Archbishop speaks out about anti-Christian violence and persecution in the Middle East [here]


  1. Fr Michael
    And, to continue to be fair, His Grace of Canterbury, has for a long time firmly and sagely argued against abortion and euthanasia. PCJ

  2. Yes, he has been utterly consistent on these issues.


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