Monday, 6 June 2011

I'm not sure about this

Today's news [here] of the setting up of a new, privately funded university college of the humanities based in London (Bloomsbury seems somehow appropriate,) headed by Professor A.C. Grayling , and backed by, among others, fellow atheist poster boy, Prof. Richard Dawkins, fills me with a certain amount of apprehension. I can't imagine why......  Although if you take a look at the proposed curricula, or rather what has been omitted, you may see my point. Strangely, there is a class of academic - mainly Anglo-American or 'North Atlantic' -  which likes to pretend western thought took a long vacation between Aristotle and  David Hume.
The new venture also received a certain amount of backing from London Mayor, Boris Johnson (Balliol, 1983,) in a piece for the Daily Telegraph, but as his article seems to describe the project as "Rejects College, Oxford," perhaps he's not wholly on side after all.

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