Sunday, 26 June 2011


I'm not that keen on demonstrations, coming from the generation after, which reacted against those who delighted in hurling cobblestones at the police in Paris or organising sit-ins at the L.S.E..
But here is a demonstration really worth supporting, if you find yourself in the vicinity: a march on July 2nd against Pakistan's murderously discriminatory blasphemy laws. There's also a petition [here] organised by Aid to the Church in Need

But please don't feel the need to dress up to fit in. Unlike the bizarrely retro advice from the obviously non-working class agit-prop organisation, U.K. Uncut, which has urged its members taking part in the latest 'anti-cuts' demo to dress "as a worker." [here]
What does that mean, I wonder? No Boden? A Mao suit? A whippet as an accessory?
How George Orwell would have relished the irony.

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  1. I shall be sure to wear my flatcap and clogs to the demo.


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