Wednesday, 1 February 2012

""Everybody understands that women bishops are coming into the Church of England"

From The Daily Telegraph today:

Bishop Hind said: "I think the issue facing the Church of England at the moment isn't whether there will be women bishops or not – which I think everyone accepts is the will of most of the dioceses – the issue is whether the Church of England wants to retain its historic comprehensiveness and generosity and space for dissent.

"Everybody understands that women bishops are coming into the Church of England, the only question is is there going to be a space in the Church of England for those who on theological grounds and ecumenical grounds cannot accept that development."
The bishop added that if the current legislation is not finally approved in July it will simply be voted through at a later stage.
He said: "Some people may be in favour of women bishops but disapprove of the provisions that are made for dissent so it's perfectly possible it won't go through in July.
"But if it doesn't go through in July it will come back and go through at some point in the future."
Full report [here]

O God, who care for your people with gentleness and rule them with love, endow with a spirit of wisdom the members of the General Synod charged with making serious decisions concerning your Church. May they be led to know the truth more fully and make such decisions that will help all your people to grow in holiness, unity and peace according to your will. Amen

Forward in Faith Novena of Prayer in Preparation for General Synod

Today's intention:
The Preservation of the Catholic and Apostolic faith in the Church of England

Thursday 2nd February: The House of Bishops
Friday, 3rd February: The House of Clergy
Saturday, 4th February: The House of Laity
Sunday, 5th February: The Catholic Group
Monday, 6th February: Proper provision
Tuesday, 7th February: Those involved in the debate
Wednesday, 8th February: The success of the Following Motion
Thursday, 9th February: The future of the Church of England

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