Tuesday, 7 February 2012

More on the left / right spectrum

The predicted (and all-too-predictably) euphoric reaction to the recent study on the relationship between intelligence and political beliefs has occurred among commentators of the left - who, if they had any historical or cultural perspective, should have known better. It is Toby Young who neatly suggests in his blog column [here] that if they take these published statistics at face value they should also favour educational selection at 11.
However, the study has also been described as "competition for the worst use of statistics in an original paper." for the following reasons - see here

And from the BBC yesterday the Start the Week programme had this discussion on the future of the right.
What the conservative right generally and historic Christianity have in common is an intense distrust of utopianism and any belief in the perfectibility of fallen human nature. It isn't a coincidence that those who are now so well-advanced in radically changing the doctrinal and ethical face of the (Anglican part of the) Church are those who have bought most heavily into the left's 'culturally marxist' nostrums (aka the contemporary status quo) as we can see from their frequent incursions into the political debate.

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