Thursday, 9 February 2012

Propaganda for the day

Thought for the Day on BBC Radio 4 this morning consisted of the most blatant 'political' propaganda on the part of the pro-women bishops lobby.
Given by a prominent female cleric of the Diocese of London, this supposed 'spiritual' couple of minutes of broadcasting intended for general public 'edification' (presumably) was used today for the purpose of promoting the measure at present negotiating its way rather tortuously through the Church of England's synodical  process.
The most striking illustration she used was the recent removal of the pink carpet in the erstwhile girls' floor of Hamley's toy store, (perhaps we should perhaps rephrase the old fallacious synodical statement and say "there are no observable theological arguments in favour of the ordination of women")  but ended by hoping we could all move forward living together 'in trust and with difference.'
The abuse of the 'pulpit' in this way is just one of the many reasons there will never be trust between us, among the others is that solemn promises are regarded now as only temporary tactical diversions. The reason we cannot live with difference is that we are being shown the door by the very people who make these hypocritical and sanctimonious appeals. Traditionalists are being denied that very theological space which is necessary in order that 'difference' may survive.
To add insult to injury, as one of the greatest forces for good in our national life is being changed out of all recognition by liberal political correctness and (waiting in the wings) radical feminism, those of a traditional Catholic theology are being asked - from all quarters it would seem -  to close the door quietly and not make too much of a noise on the way out.
May God help us and his Church if this is to be the future.


  1. Reading the Rev Rosie Harper's comment in the Guardian together with similar sentiments expressed in some of the 'pro' speeches at Synod yesterday clearly illustrate the malign influences that have cast a deep shadow over the Anglican church:
    May God help them especially to end their misrepresentation of the truth and look beyond narrow self interest.

  2. I was a great shame General Synod rejected the well-thought-out motion from the Diocese of Manchester, which referred to the diversity of churchmanship in that diocese, and how the Bishops of Manchester and Beverley had worked together.
    This motion contrasted with the (accepted) motion from Southwark, which, together with today's "Thought For The Day" speech, argued for a steamroller approach to moving forward and made no reference to Traditionalists' concerns and needs.
    The changes at Hamley's have, by the way, been criticised from parents of . by parents wanting to find, in a hurry the right places in the store for their sons' and daughters' presents.


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