Tuesday, 21 May 2013

A strange regression

We are about to witness a strange development in our history.
For the first time since the conversion of England ( the Romano-Celts in the west, the people of what was to become Wales, already adhered to the faith) under St Augustine of Canterbury and his successors, laws will now be passed defining the nature of all marriages and family relationships, and what will be taught about them coercively * to the nation's children, which will run directly counter to the teachings of the Christian Church.
Welcome back to the wonderful pagan Anglo-Saxon world of Woden and Thor; it's lucky we already have days of the week named after them. 

* There is every reason to suppose that this Canadian scenario will also be our experience in Britain; 'live and let live' doesn't seem to form any part of the philosophy of 'equality' campaigners on either side of the Atlantic.

[On a related point, here is a link to a letter written to a community of Carmelite nuns in Argentina by the then Cardinal Bergoglio, when the same issue came before that country's legislature: it may also serve to dispel a few prevalent myths about the present occupant of the Chair of St Peter ]

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