Saturday, 11 May 2013

Sing We of the Blessed Mother

Sing we of the blessed Mother 
Who received the angel’s word,
And obedient to his summons 
Bore in love the infant Lord;
Sing we of the joys of Mary 
At whose breast that child was fed
Who is Son of God eternal 
And the everlasting Bread.

Sing we, too, of Mary’s sorrows, 
Of the sword that pierced her through,
When beneath the cross of Jesus 
She his weight of suffering knew,
Looked upon her Son and Saviour 
Reigning high on Calvary's tree,
Saw the price of man's redemption 
Paid to set the sinner free.

Sing again the joys of Mary 
When she saw the risen Lord,
And in prayer with Christ’s apostles, 
Waited on his promised word;
From on high the blazing glory 
Of the Spirit’s presence came,
Heavenly breath of God’s own being, 
Manifest through wind and flame.

Sing the chiefest joy of Mary 
When on earth her work was done,
And the Lord of all creation 
Brought her to his heavenly home;
Virgin Mother, Mary blessed, 
Raised on high and crowned with grace,
May your Son, the world’s redeemer, 
Grant us all to see his face.

George B. Timms 1910 - 1997

O Mary,
recall the solemn moment when Jesus,
your divine Son, dying on the Cross,
confided us to your maternal care.

You are our Mother;
we desire ever to remain your devout children.
Let us therefore feel the effects of your powerful intercession with Jesus Christ.
Make your name again glorious in Walsingham,
once renowned throughout our land by your visits,
favours, and many miracles.

Pray, Holy Mother of God,
for the conversion of England,
restoration of the sick,
consolation for the afflicted,
repentance of sinners,
peace to the departed.

O Blessed Mary, Mother of God,
Our Lady of Walsingham,
intercede for us.  Amen.

Almighty Father, giver of life and health: 
Look mercifully, we beseech thee, on the sick and suffering, 
especially those for whom our prayers are desired, 
that by thy blessing upon them and upon those who minister to them, 
they may speedily be restored to health, if it be thy gracious will, 
and give thanks to thee in thy holy Church;
 through Christ our Lord. Amen

After The Third Collect (Eric Milner-White)


  1. Thank you for this ... just in time to remind me to include it on the hymn list for our MU end-of-year service on Tuesday!

    1. New English Hymnal 185 - written by Fr G.B. (George) Timms, one of its editors & (I think Archdeacon of Hackney at one time...)
      A solidly 'Anglican' hymn if any of your MU should ask!

  2. No worries on that 'score' (sorry!) ... it's in the Church of Ireland Hymnal, should anyone present wonder!

  3. Can also be sung to Pleading Saviour (English Hymnal 593)
    Kind Regards,


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