Sunday, 12 May 2013

'Liturgical' introductions & all that jazz...

The parish put on a fundraiser last night in the form of a (very enjoyable) jazz concert given by the Paul Sawtell Quintet.
It's interesting  how human beings in virtually any situation need, gravitate towards and, if necessary, come to invent structure, routine, ritualised form and order (even in the relatively - if deceptively - 'free' medium of jazz )  - promoters of informality in worship, clergy who suffer from raging 'game-show host syndrome' and, of course, all budding liturgists, please note
One of the well-established  traditions of jazz is the introduction of the performers.
I hope they forgive me, but, I'm afraid I couldn't resist this example (spot the prophetic 'Private Eye' reference to David Cameron) :

And an example of the real thing, a piece by Dave Brubeck, who died at the end of last year, called Forty Days - as recommended by a friend: 
'“Forty Days” was originally composed as a part of Dave Brubeck’s oratorio, though it received its premiere by Brubeck’s quartet on the Columbia LP Time In. Initially recorded as a brisk, extended instrumental, the pianist brings to mind the wandering of Jesus Christ in the desert alone for 40 days...'

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