Thursday, 23 May 2013

Condemnation of Woolwich murder

ICN has this report, important in the context of this morning's news that at least one 'far right' group, the BNP  (itself, given its essentially fascist / racialist philosophy,  as inimical to our civic freedoms as militant Islam) is attempting to make political capital out of the Woolwich atrocity:
"Representatives from nine faith groups issued a statement last night, following the attack in Woolwich in which a young soldier was savagely killed in the street by two men.
They said: "We, as representatives of many of London's faith communities,  deplore the terrible attack that has taken place today in Woolwich.
All of our religions exalt the sanctity of human life and no grievance could justify such a barbaric assault that has cost a young man his life. Terrorism has no place on our streets. We pray for the victim of this attack and his family, and call for Londoners to stand together at this time.
We will redouble our efforts to work for peace, love, understanding and hope." [a full report of the statement from the Faiths Forum for London is here]
Whatever our view of the origins and essential character of Islam - and Christians cannot but argue that it is in grave error -  it is in no sane person's interests for murderous Islamist militants and 'Koranic fundamentalists' to succeed in driving a wedge between the peaceful majority of British Muslims and the representative institutions and traditional Christian values of our society, ironically with whose ethos many Muslims are far more in tune than the majority of our secularists and liberals.

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  1. However one has to ask where does the desire to do such violence come from? In this case it was obviously an Islamic based attack. Sad but true. It is time for all faiths to reflect on what they teach and who is teaching what.


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