Thursday, 5 December 2013

In Spain - a meeting of minds across the North Sea & the divisions of centuries

My last evening in Santiago de Compostela was spent around the dinner table with a group of delightful Norwegian pilgrims - evangelical Christians in a confessional body, semi-estranged from the established State Church in their homeland. As the evening progressed, it rapidly became clear that, certain 'Reformation issues' notwithstanding, we had more in common that we previously imagined.
The one comment that sticks in my mind was this: ' At first the churches here along the Camino in Spain seemed alien, full of images which went against much of what we were brought up to believe. But when we heard the priests speak, their words were about the reality of God. At home, all we now hear from our own Church is left-wing politics dressed up in the language of environmentalism."
I wish I had had much more time to speak to them....

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