Friday, 6 December 2013

Under 30s?

The Church Times in a leader this week makes great play in its liberal criticism of the Pilling Report of the assertion that anyone under the age of thirty finds the 'conservative' (i.e. traditionally Christian)  view of human sexuality completely incomprehensible. 
Jezebel's Trumpet may well be right about that, yet exactly the same statistical argument could be used about the supposed intelligibility of any of the articles of the Nicene Creed, not to mention the contemporary acceptability of most of the claims of the New Testament itself. 
Now, while this undoubtedly poses a 'missiological challenge' in terms of the Church's evangelisation of our society, it cannot be in itself any kind of argument for changing the content of the Church's proclamation of the Gospel. 
So, for the Church Times and those who agree with its temporally insular analysis, is acceptability to the prevailing culture now the main criterion which should determine the Church's belief, or is this simply more evidence of the intellectual and theological laziness of many of those who are clamouring - and networking - so very effectively for radical change?

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