Thursday, 5 December 2013

Good for Cranmer!

Not a sentiment expressed here that often... 
But the Cranmer concerned is the blog [here] and these are his comments on the narcissism currently consuming the West while our brothers and sisters in Syria bear the brunt of the barbarity of Islamic extremism:
"Somewhere around Maaloula, Syria, 12 nuns are cowering in fear of their Islamist kidnappers. They may be being beaten, raped or beheaded one by one. But who cares? We've got Nigella Lawson's coke habit to tickle our itching ears.
Mother Superior Pelagia Sayyaf and 11 of her sisters were abducted at gunpoint from St Tecla Orthodox monastery and taken hostage by an army of "rebels", along with the orphans who were being fostered and cared for. But who cares? We've got the identity of Tom Daley's handsome new boyfriend to fantasise about.
The international community and world governments are indifferent to the plight of the nuns of the St Tecla convent.
And so are most people in Britain.
Churches, monasteries and convents throughout Syria are being razed, desecrated and pillaged. Maaloula is being cleansed of Christians. But who cares?
We've got celebrity drugs and gay sex to gossip about.
Of course, if these were gays and lesbians being kidnapped, beaten and tortured by Islamists, we'd soon have celebrity declamations and government condemnation. There'd be Twitter campaigns and Facebook pages dedicated to their freedom, and the media would full of Stephen Fry demanding justice.
But these are only nuns.
And no one really gives a shit about Christians.
We've got Nigella's coke and Tom's boyfriend to titillate us."

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  1. It seems that the nuns are safe and well and had been removed for their safety. Thanks be to God:


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