Monday, 16 December 2013

'An encounter in mystery and in grace'

The image of Advent: 
the famous 13th -14th Century statue of Our Lady in León Cathedral  
- La Virgen de la Esperanza - 

".... We must remain in the real Advent; we should not harden ourselves, not capitulate from horror or from happiness, but keep the authentic attitude of waiting because we know: we are are going out to meet a Goodness, a Benevolence.
However, having to wait means that one is in danger of mental weariness . Therefore [St Paul]  offers the encouragement: 'The hour has come to arise from sleep" (Rom 13:11) Take your head in hand in hand, so to speak, and examine yourself as you are. measure yourself against the great scale to see whether you are alienated by outside influences, or are still rooted in the source of strength. Perhaps you are saying, "What's the use?" If you enter this reflection, you will be rejuvenated and connected with the source. then these jolts will not always be necessary. Then that source will well up within you, like an interior stream flowing  and carrying you onward. Now it begins: Those who genuinely wait on the Lord will not be disappointed. They will grow into this true meeting with God, an encounter in mystery and in grace. It all depends upon our waiting, staying vigilant, and straining toward what lies ahead with a true openness."
Fr Alfred Delp S.J. (1907 - 1945) more from the collection of his writings: ‘Advent of the Heart’ translated by Abtei St Walburg.

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