Sunday, 23 February 2014

More 'fashionable' intervention

In pursuit of their 'forward' foreign policy, the nations of the West (the E.U. & U.S.A. particularly)  have chosen to intervene in the murky and complex geo-politics of Ukraine - a dangerous strategy for all kinds of reasons. 
Now, at least, our media has a photogenic, blonde, female candidate to promote (and, yes, I do think our broadcasting stations are that spectacularly superficial) ....

It's also instructive to see how much more anti-Russian our liberal mass media has become since the end of the Soviet era and the advent of President Vladimir Putin. Now, why would that be?

Contrast all that with the near silence on the the subject of recent events in Venezuela - another failed authoritarian neo-Marxist state heading for full-scale - and very 'socialist' - repression.

We never learn.

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