Thursday, 13 February 2014

When revisionism really bites ...

Bishop Daniel Martins of Springfield, Illinois has this interesting post on his blog about the revision of  TEC's calendar of 'saints.'  These are his critical comments on the process:
"...1) do not include non-Christians or Christians whose ecclesial tradition rejects or knows nothing of the idea of a sanctoral calendar; 2) hold fast to the local observance criterion; 3) reinstate and strictly observe the 50-year post-mortem criterion; 4) simply call the volume what it is--"Propers for Optional Observances" is fine, though I personally prefer just keeping LF&F; 5) eliminate "category satisfying" nominations for inclusion--this is not a "Who's Who."  All this said, I find myself disappointed that the process has become so politicized, and that there is not sufficient consensus around a sane and tradition-rooted approach to the recognition of heroic and exemplary discipleship and holiness. If I were more confident that the list that will be finally approved would be consistent with the enunciated criteria, I would join my voice with those calling for the retention of proper collects. But that not being the case, the "commons" approach is probably best. But this is a settlement, a compromise, and represents, in my view, a systemic failure..."
It's a measure of how far the revisionists have utterly triumphed in parts of the Communion that they are now concerned to re-write the Sanctoral in their own image. We can guess pretty accurately in what way the calendar is being 'politicized' by those now in control of TEC: there are probably those who can't wait - for all the wrong reasons - for the demise of Bishop Gene Robinson and all the other boys and girls in the LGBT pantheon..

Of course, once you have abandoned the apostolic ministry, revised and infantilised the liturgy and remade the calendar of saints in your own image, then you really do have a new religion ...
And, rather like the Atlantic storms which are battering Britain at present, the Anglican ecclesiastical jetstream only sends the hurricanes in one direction. Watch this space once the women bishops' legislation comes into effect over here ...

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