Saturday, 22 February 2014

The risks of silence

In the Common Law tradition, silence implies consent. That's obviously not the case for Pope Francis who, hailing from a Latin culture, is seeking, it would seem,  to ration his pronouncements in order both to give a more 'positive' image to the Church and, one hopes,  to make a greater impact when he does speak out. 

But that is always a high risk strategy; the problem, as Pope Benedict (greatly missed by all of us) found out, in the West the largely liberal (and, dare one say, 'pro-death') media has a neck-lock on the news agenda... 
Sandro Magister comments here on the risks involved in a low-profile papal response to U.N. attacks and to the recent child euthanasia legislation in Belgium  (h/t WJT)

It matters to everyone what the Pope (whose office is a gift to us all) says - or doesn't say - on the issues of the day.

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