Friday, 7 February 2014

Oceanography and moated palaces - the week's news round up -

While the country continues to be battered by storms ....

The United Nations attacks the Vatican [here together with Rome's response]
- not so much for the wrongdoing of abusive clergy but, it would seem, for upholding Catholic moral theology ( a comment from Tim Stanley here] I wonder whether the U.N. would be so bold in reprimanding some of its member states for far more egregious examples of the views it objects to. This has, of course, nothing to do with a move to deny the Vatican its observer status .... and drive religion from the international public square.... 
It's instructive to read the National Secular Society's comments on all this [here]

Fr Hunwicke, in inimitable style, takes on the 'spirit of the Council'  liturgists [here] This is my quote of the week, "... it is the same desire to ensure that ordinary Catholics are cut off from their birth-right, severed from the historic sources which might otherwise feed their Faith. As a rather Anglican devil - but one very deep in the Lowerarchy - Screwtape - once put it, "It is most important to cut every generation off from all others."
Screwtape as an Anglican - hmm-  ...  a very modern and distinctly .... 'unpatrimonial' Anglican,  if so ...

My own Alma Mater is to confer an honorary degree on the Presiding Bishop of TEC [here] - presumably for services to deconstructionism (in more senses than one.) It's only to be expected, I'm afraid, in the 'all at sea' culture in which we now live. 
This reaction, however, is far more concerning and, of course, is the reason Anglican traditionalists can expect little in the way of support from Lambeth. GAFCON - and Forward in Faith - please note. So, Dr Welby,  'compassion and intellect' seem to trump orthodoxy, rather than be defined by it, as one of your predecessors more than implied... ?  And, "becoming ordained?' - well, maybe there's hope after all ....

A civilised Reflection on Death from Peter Hitchens [here
"...The older I get, and the more death I experience directly, the more I try to stick to the rule that one does not speak ill of the dead. I’m not sure it applies when undoubted monsters die, but otherwise I can see the point of it. If you wouldn’t have said it while they were alive, when they could answer back, you shouldn’t take advantage of death to say it when they can’t respond and when their families and friends are full of grief. And in any case, my view is that they have gone before an all-knowing justice which (to put it mildly) needs no help from me, and which I both fear and hope that I shall sooner or later face myself..."
The C of E evicts the Bishop of Bath & Wells [here]  
In keeping with the spirit of the age, incapable of distinguishing between personal prestige and the custodial duties of institutional memory, such swan-haunted, moated palaces are regarded as unsuitable houses for mere clergy persons - far better they be turned into administrative offices or, even more appropriately, eventually sold off to multi-millionaire pop stars or, like most country rectories, the moneyed middle classes. A poor reflection on the regard of the Anglican laity (of a certain kind, anyway) for the Church herself perhaps ... a kind of enforced egalitarianism, but only for the 'employees?'

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  1. Joseph Golightly8 February 2014 at 08:46

    +Welby's support for the presiding bishop in such a generous manner is worrying. She seems to have spent the family silver, reduced attendance and is quite frankly a heretic. A disgrace but FIF in its new updated "lets hug a hoody" (reminds you of Cameroon?) won't want to upset its new friend.


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