Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Palm Sunday and the visit of the BBC

An interlude in my self-imposed Passiontide & Holy Week blogging break to post some 'photos of last weekend:

BBC Radio 4 broadcast the Sunday Worship programme live from the parish on Palm Sunday morning at 08.10.
Here is a link to the broadcast itself

Below are some 'photos taken during the day by David, one of our churchwardens, including the rehearsal, the satellite van parked outside the church early in the morning, and our passiontide cross in the churchyard, made by David from the trunks of our Christmas trees.

The Ardwyn Singers (more info here) under their director David Michael Leggett, who, with Kate on the 'cello, provided the music, are off to Rome and Florence for Easter. They are singing at a mass in St Peter's Basilica on Easter Tuesday.


  1. My wife heard the broadcast, not knowing where it was from, and said it was just lovely; far better than the usual offerings in that slot. Well done! And have a good Easter. If Kate and Co are at the Anglican Church of S Mark in Florence, give the Chaplain my greetings - I helped with Holy Week there last year.

  2. This looks like you had a wonderful time Fr Gollup! The music will have been lovely. We went to Bodmin for the Triduum as we were on holiday in Cornwall and it was packed. Ecumenical churches did the March of witness and we ended up in the Vicar's house in Bodmin with hot cross buns (allowed one if fasting) and tea. Was a great day and vicar had his own calvary and a wonderful statue of Our Lady from Oberammergau! Don't forget the Torchlight Procession at Belmont next Wednesday night 9pm. DEFINITELY worth it. Hope you heard from Bronwen. I have located some records in Cwmbran and need to book time to go to read the water accounts....a dowser would be the easiest.The 95 year old man told us where to dig but not exactly and he only came late on Sunday. Wonderful service and as Fr Barnes says, Well done to the parish and you-such a beautiful church......


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