Monday, 9 November 2009

Text of the Apostolic Constitution published this morning.

The detailed provisions and norms of the Apostolic Constitution were published on the Vatican Website at 11 a.m. this morning.
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It seems on a first reading very positive indeed in terms both of the possibility of preserving a large element of Anglican patrimony and in its description of the powers and responsibilities of the future ordinaries themselves. It looks as if this ship will sail for those able and willing to climb on board.
My own feeling is that this will be the only realistic chance of preserving the orthodox and catholic elements in anglicanism in the face of the overwhelming winds of revisionism now blowing through the official structures of the Anglican Communion. It is also the answer (God's answer?) to many of our prayers and hopes for reunion, to which as members of Forward in Faith and SSC many of us are committed. I would be interested in hearing from those who disagree exactly what other viable future they see for Anglican Catholics. I can't see one.

But there is plenty of much more informed comment than I can give being posted on other blogs and websites - see blog list on the right.


  1. Father Michael, this is very encouraging news. Thank you for keeping us up to date with these developments. This is obviously going to be a very slow process. Any ideas how we can more forward together with like-minded Catholic Anglicans across the border, rather than waiting for separate moves here? If +Ebbsfleet and +Richborough are making overtures for an Ordinariate in the South of England it would be good if the geographical boundary could be extended into Wales.

  2. I don't know this definitely, but I suspect that in the same way that the Roman Catholic Bishops Conference is that of England and Wales, the future ordinariates will also include both countries.

  3. Br Stephen at has some interesting observations about the Apostolic Constitution for Anglicans published this morning.

  4. >> I would be interested in hearing from those who disagree exactly what other viable future they see for Anglican Catholics<<

    In his press release today +Barry hopes that with mutual love and respect and God’s grace, we will all stay together and work through our differences but he forgot to mention that's only on his terms.
    He recognises that some feel they would be better placed in a different church where they would be able to accept all its doctrines.
    I thought we all belonged to One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Has the Church in Wales moved so far apart that it considers itself a different church with its own doctrines?


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