Saturday, 14 November 2009

Does this make our decision clearer?

The BBC Radio 4 lunchtime news reports that the Church of England General Synod's Revision Committee has backpedalled from its recent proposals offering provision to traditionalists in the form of complementary bishops not answerable to female diocesans and backed by statute.
Those who are part of the Church of England will be able to analyse this extremely complicated situation far better than I can, but does this news mark a hardening of attitudes towards Anglican Catholics similar to that now seen in Wales? And please remember that in Wales this refusal to accede to the requests of traditionalists predates the Apostolic Constitution by many months and is completely unrelated to it.

Whatever the answer to this question may be, the options for those striving to live out the Catholic faith within the ecclesial structures of Anglicanism seen to be getting fewer.


  1. WATCH! - Perhaps their threatened exodus to the Methodist and Lutheran churches has caused the Revision Committee to have a change of heart. Can they not see that it is time the feminists in our midst had a touch of their own medicine? Let them go and take their secular agenda with them.
    They spread persistent false accusations of misogyny to be peddled in the media and deliberately misrepresent the views of faithful men and women who simply believe that they are not the same but equal and complementary. They have no quarrel with women doing any job in the secular world or with their having a ministry in the church but not as priests or bishops. Such genuinely held beliefs don’t make them sexist or prejudiced. They simply want to exercise their faith according to Christ’s example and the wider Christian church. They expect us to respect their views. Why can’t they respect ours?

  2. Julia Mathias-Jones15 November 2009 at 22:15

    It is terrible to be a woman who is discriminated against. Discriminated against by these feminists and the Welsh Bench of Bishops, who in their response to our recent request for very necessary provision, have indicated by refusing to grant our wish that they fully support the feminist agenda and want women like myself out of the Church of our baptism. However, I am blessed in that I am loved and respected by the traditionalist clergy that I know, the so called misogynists. Fr. Gollop is right, the options are getting fewer.


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