Thursday, 12 November 2009

A few photos (and prayers) from France

These are a few photos from the Vendee a few weeks ago of the hermitage in the Mervent Forest used by St Louis Grignon de Monfort in the 18th Century.
It is still very much a place of pilgrimage and prayer. Other pictures are of the pilgrimage chapel and holy well.

Prayers were said there and candles were lit for many Anglican Catholics as they seek God's guidance and the prayers of the Saints in discerning their future.

The Chapel and Holy Well close to the lake

Candles burning at the Grotto

Through the cross all things are possible!

And some appropriate music!


  1. This is a real favourite of mine, and I hadn't come across M. Robin playing it. Jehan Alain was a talented and courageous man, and seems very appropriate to hear this piece so close to Remembrance Day. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Thank you. I, too, have been a great admirer of Alain since hearing, as a teenager, his sister, Marie Claire Alain's performances of his works. It has also given me an idea for another post - unless you get there first!


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