Monday, 9 November 2009

Compare and contrast.

Here is the link to the Archbishop of Wales' response to today's news.

As so often, words fail me.

As a correspondent on this blog has pointed out, we have a continuing place within the Church in Wales only on the establishment's terms, and only so long as we are prepared to accept that we can't have what we actually need in order to stay.

Again in this statement we see the consistent episcopal "spin" being applied to the situation - this is just one in a range of disagreements we have within the Church and not deserving of specific provision. Again, though, please tell me what other issue dividing Anglicans in Wales deals a death-blow to the mutual recognition of orders and the interchangeability of clergy and any hope of sacramental certainty? Of course, one has to believe in such things for that argument to have any weight.

It's strange, too, that the Archbishop of Canterbury merits a sympathetic mention for his efforts in trying to keep the Anglican Communion together, even while his legacy in trying to keep the Church in Wales together is being repudiated by the Bench - one of life's little ironies, I guess!


  1. Father, I hope you will encourage the members of the Provincial Council to look positively on the Holy Father's offer of full communion. It would end the pain which I know lots of Anglicans feel at the disintegration of the Church in Wales as well as alleviating that of those who, like me, could not endure it any longer once Barry became Archbishop and it was clear which way the wind was blowing.

    Being a Roman Catholic within the current structures is very hard for me as a former Anglican (sometimes I regret not hanging on in there, which you all have so bravely done), and so It would be an amazing gift to once again enjoy the Anglican patrimony (especially liturgical but not only) which it has been a grave sorrow (even the cause of much depression) to me over the last few years to have to live without.

    I wont leave my name (!) but please me assured of my prayers for your sake and mine.


  2. Thank you so much for that comment which I find both moving and encouraging in equal measure. Please be assured of my continuing prayers for you too.


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