Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Does it run in the family? Probably not!

I have a deep professional suspicion of family “historians” after catching a couple of them attacking our gravestones here with wire brushes - “so we could read the inscriptions better.”

But after a little bit of swine ‘flu inspired research into family history, I have discovered several interesting (and spiritually bloody-minded) forbears of my own, including one William Gollop, Rector of Stoke Abbott in west Dorset who in 1645 was deprived of his living and his lands sequestered for his (royalist) adherence to the Prayer Book and refusal to conform under the Commonwealth (although there is also a suggestion of pluralism - let’s draw a veil over that!). He was restored to his country parishes in 1660 on the return to the throne of King Charles II.

My particular favourite has to be "Giles, or Egedins, Gollop, B.D., Fellow of New College, Oxford," who, one record states, was ejected from his fellowship for refusing the oath of supremacy under Elizabeth I, “retired to the Continent, and joined the Society of Jesus”, (another document simply says “became a priest.”) He died at Rome, seemingly in the year 1623. It would be very interesting to find out the real facts.
Having said that, I have also uncovered several puritans who emigrated across the herring pond (one of whom after a vowel change ended up inventing the opinion poll), a few desperately mistaken parliamentarians during the Civil War (despite another, Thomas, who held the Isle of Portland for the King until its final surrender in April 1646) and at least one nineteenth century Unitarian; so probably, as they say, ‘nuff said!
No, I don't think I'll get addicted to this!


There’s a really good piece at Valle Adurni (from a Roman Catholic perspective) on the somewhat tangled relationship between the ecumenism of ARCIC and “liberal” Christianity, and some very understanding comments about the past and present position of Anglo-Catholics.
Link here:
Biretta tip to Fr Antony Chadwick of the T.A.C. for posting it on his blog Civitas Dei

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