Saturday, 17 July 2010

BBC radio "Profile" of Bishop John Broadhurst

As advertised by Bishop Edwin Barnes a few days ago, the BBC Radio 4 profile of Bishop John Broadhurst was broadcast this evening. I thought it was fair, balanced and essentially very favourable and, despite the gruesome attempt at cod psychology by Ms Christina Rees, perhaps among the most sympathetic coverage we have received from the BBC - it had to happen sooner or later! Perhaps now the liberal takeover of our Church is complete we are perceived as being no longer a political or cultural threat - powerless enough to deserve a modicum of sympathy.
I did start to object to all of us being described in the broadcast as "dissident" priests - but since the cuckoo now reigns supreme in the Anglican nest, that's precisely what we are now. O tempora o mores!
Well worth a listen. There is as yet no "listen again" or podcast link.
Link is now up here
The programme is repeated tomorrow at 05.45 and at 17.40 (BST)

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