Monday, 12 July 2010

Reactions to the C of E's decision

This is the latest statement from Forward in Faith:
"The draft Measure to permit the ordination of women as bishops, approved today by the General Synod and sent for discussion and approval by Diocesan Synods, contains nothing which can satisfy the legitimate needs of members of Forward in Faith.
Now, though, is not the time for precipitate action. There will be ample opportunity for priests to take counsel together at the Sacred Synods called by the Catholic Bishops in each province in September, and for Forward in Faith to take stock at the National Assembly in October."
And this brief comment from the Bishop of Ebbsfleet:

"In the meantime, be tranquil and say your prayers: God is working his purpose out."
And some thoughtful comment here and here, from Roman Catholic and Anglo-Catholic sources.
I've just heard that my colleague, Fr Mark, will be taking part in a discussion on the BBC's 'Good Morning Wales' radio programme tomorrow morning. Tell it how it is, Father!

This is (sort of) appropriate. O. K. it's not high culture - or perhaps 'culture' at all, but I like it, even if it does show my age.

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