Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Well, that didn't take long!"

That has to be a record - see Sunday's post predicting the 'eventual' removal of exemptions from 'equality' legislation. Even I didn't expect a call for this to come quite so soon.
Ruth "comment is not free" Gledhill, has this report. It will cost you a £1 to view it, but here is her summary.

"Robert Key, the General Synod member and former Conservative MP, speaks exclusively to The Times about women bishops and why he believes strongly that any legislation that makes women 'less than' men or that attempts to guarantee the Church of England exemption from the 2010 Equality Act should not and probably will not get through Parliament's Ecclesiastical Committe, or the Lords and Commons"
But if you don't want to hand your money to Mr Murdoch it will spare you the sight of the egregious Mr Key and his own 'Arnoldian' brand of State Religion, presumably believing in the Father, the Son and the Zeitgeist, although the first two will be increasingly optional - for that see John Richardson's comments here on the theology of WATCH.

As we slowly make our way to the exit, let's do so calmly, in an orderly way and, above all, together.
'Sauve qui peut' is not a particularly Christian reaction to any defeat, much less to a crisis of this magnitude.

The Bishop of Ebbsfleet's pastoral letter for August, a sober and clear reflection on the situation in which we find ourselves, can be found here. This is required reading. And for those of us in Wales he is, after all, our geographically nearest 'orthodox' bishop. I seem to remember something in the early history of the Church about that.......
"For now, the prescription is for some serious summer rest and to get some praying and thinking done"
Some seriously good advice.

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