Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Slow news day - clearly!

I couldn't help noticing once again the astonishing physical resemblance between Elton John, pop singer and modern 'cultural' icon, and the Very Reverend Dr Jeffrey John, one of the founders of Affirming Catholicism and currently Dean of St Albans but now being tipped for a triumphal return to the South Bank, and who, presumably, if his Magdalen days are anything to go by, is into icons of a rather different kind.

Dr Jeffrey John

Reg Dwight

Just a coincidence, of course, unless, like Reg, the Dean's real surname is Dwight.
But both  would obviously feel theologically at home in New York's (Episcopal) Cathedral of St John the Divine - birthday bash, something more liturgical, whatever turns you on really...... de gustibus non est disputandum.


  1. The poor chap is taking a beating lately; the latest on Bad Vestments: http://badvestments.blogspot.com/
    I read that he has been ruled out of Southwark despite rumours that The Archbishop of Wales would have had him.

  2. Yes, in many ways he has my sympathy because he is being made, once again, the "fall-guy" for the Church of England's own failure to make a decision either way on important moral & ethical issues. In many ways the situation we have now, for orthodox and liberal alike, is the worst of all possible worlds.
    None of this is Dr John's fault; it's just Anglicanism once again trying to have its cake and eat it, instead of coming to an honest recognition that we are, in fact, (at least) three theologies and ecclesiologies trying to co-exist under the same roof. But, of course, we are governed by the "schism is worse than heresy" brigade. I hold to my view that a fundamental realignment among and within western Christianity is better than either, and will do far more in the long term to further the cause of Christian unity.


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