Friday, 15 October 2010

Bishop of Fulham to join Ordinariate

"The Anglican bishop of Fulham and the chairman of Forward in Faith International has announced he will resign before the end of the year to join an Ordinariate.

Speaking at Forward in Faith’s National Assembly today, Bishop John Broadhurst, who is a senior figure in the Anglo-Catholic movement, said he intended to tender his resignation before the end of the year and join the Ordinariate in Britain when it is established. He has said that he will remain the chairman of Forward in Faith, which he says is not an Anglican organisation.
Bishop Broadhurst is a suffragan bishop of the Diocese of London. He said the Bishop of London would likely appoint someone new to fill the post Bishop Broadhurst is vacating.
He is the first senior Anglo-Catholic to announce publicly that he will join an Ordinariate when it is founded."

From The Catholic Herald; full report here

Update. Some early reactions: from "Thinking Anglicans" here. So far only a couple of poisonous comments - that has to be a record. Everyone else seems to be asleep or, unlike me, actually at the National Assembly.
Also from Valle Adurni here and Fr Ed Tomlinson here

Perhaps Damian Thompson will eat his words now?

Audio of the speeches and proceedings of the Forward in Faith National Assembly can be found here

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