Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A suggestion

My (eagerly anticipated) copy of 'Highlights,' the report of the latest Church in Wales' Governing Body meeting, arrived in the post this morning. One of the articles refers to the advancement of ecumenism in Wales and the work of the Commission of Covenanted Churches.
This clause was added to the motion before the Governing Body:
"that the GB urges the commission to develop creative and bold proposals of ways in which the ecumenical situation in Wales can be transformed and which will move us forward in the quest for Church Unity."
What better way could there be to describe the establishment of the Ordinariates? The Church in Wales, along with its big sister over the border, has now once and for all, concluded the Anglican Reformation debate and foreclosed any period of reception there might be on the the issue of apostolic order. We should genuinely wish them well in what they are trying to do with regard to advancing the unity of the various Protestant ecclesial communities in Wales and not try to hinder it. We should hope for an equal generosity for those whose vocation is to pursue Catholic unity.
I know that old loyalties, even when they are proved mistaken, tug at the heartstrings, but to be brutal, the Anglo-Catholic Movement in Wales must move on. What would be better in the perspective of eternity, to act as a brake on those who are seeking genuine understanding through the Welsh Covenant, or to become part of the most significant development in ecumenism since the sixteenth century through the Ordinariate? The situation is developing, the Holy Spirit is moving, the next phase of  ecumenism, the really difficult yet perhaps the final and most significant stage, can only begin when the present process of realignment is complete.

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