Tuesday, 26 October 2010

White smoke?

As a (fairly non-judgemental) non-smoker married to someone who smokes, here's a story (non-story?) from the Daily Telegraph again.
Apparently, the Pope, or so it is said, (resolutely un-PC to the last) smokes the same brand.
As someone who is often mistaken for a smoker because of the regular "walk of shame" to the cigarette counter on my wife's behalf, I'll never complain again. It's also guaranteed to endear the Holy Father even more to my wife.

Here's the last part of Andrew M Brown's story He has an awful mock-up of a photo of Pope Benedict smoking whilst fully vested - well perhaps not, and I won't include it here, although the smoke looks genuine enough, if generated by another source!

"And persistent reports over the last few years indicate that Pope Benedict XVI enjoys an occasional cigarette – Marlboro Red, it is claimed – in quiet moments, away from prying cameras. For this reason I am reproducing the distasteful photograph above, which I found on the internet: I apologise if it causes offence to anybody. During World Youth Day in Australia in 2008, a bodyguard claimed that the Holy Father had smoked three cigarettes in quick succession. To think of the Pope enjoying a relaxing draw on a King Size cigarette packed with smooth Virginia tobaccos… it only makes me admire him more."

Not the photo on the Daily Telegraph blog

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